Tired of that numb lip feeling….Oraverse is here

September 16, 2009

We have found that one of the most common concerns for patients is the numb lip feeling, particularly when they have to go back to work or out to dinner.

Well, we have become one of the first dentists to utilize ORAVERSE. This medication can be injected near or at the end of the appointment to quickly reverse the effects of anesthesia. Our patients love leaving the office without that numb lip feeling.

Even more exciting are the cases when we can use our dental laser to do fillings on teeth without any anesthesia at all. We are thrilled to bring laser dentistry to San Antonio.

If you’d like more information on these or any subjects, don’t hesitate to contact us at 210-DrPerry (377-3779). And, of course, we also offer an initial complimentary consultation.

Tired of that numb lip feeling….Oraverse is here