Snoring & sleep apnea treatment in San Antonio


If your bed partner is snoring and keeping you awake, Dr. Christopher Perry in the Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio, Texas can help.  Snoring can disrupt the entire family.  The snorer may think they are sleeping well, but their own snoring can wake them up, at a low level, all night long.  Snoring can really keep your bed partner up also.

More importantly, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, a condition defined by multiple cessations of breathing during the night.  Not breathing is a very bad thing for your health and rest.  We can administer a home sleep test for you to see if you may have sleep apnea.  We also work with multiple sleep centers here in San Antonio to do in-lab sleep tests when necessary.



An alternative to traditional CPAP treatment

At Perry Dental Health, Dr. Perry can accomplish snoring and sleep apnea treatment with oral devices that help keep the airway open while you sleep.  Many patients find these more comfortable than the conventional treatment, CPAP.  We advocate having both forms of therapy, CPAP and oral devices, at your disposal.  This way, you can rotate your therapy and not allow your body to get used to one form of treatment.  Think of it as varying your exercise regimen.  When you do one exercise all the time, you plateau and don’t see results.  A similar thing can happen when you use just one modality to treat your sleep apnea.

Please call us at 210-DrPerry (377-3779) to set up a consultation with Dr. Chris Perry to see how we can help.

Snoring & sleep apnea treatment in San Antonio