Gentle Removal of Wisdom Teeth with Sedation Dentistry at Top Dentist in San Antonio

Many of San Antonio’s residents look to the top local dentist offering sedation dentistry at Perry Dental Health for wisdom tooth removal, tooth extraction, and other dental procedures. Our dental office specializes in both oral surgery services and our trusted sedation dentistry in San Antonio. Here at Perry Dental Health, we utilize the most modern and complete dental care services available in San Antonio with top experts in wisdom tooth removal that are ready to assist you.

Gentle Tooth Extraction by Our Top San Antonio Dentist

When the removal of a tooth is necessary, our top dentist in San Antonio offers gentle dental solutions to make your tooth extraction a better experience. As one of San Antonio’s top dental experts, we always promote excellent dental hygiene to prevent many oral health problems for our San Antonio patients here at Perry Dental Health. Our San Antonio top tooth extraction specialist will try to save a tooth if possible, but in a few cases, a tooth extraction is necessary. For patients with severe decay that can compromise a tooth, we offer gentle dental care like tooth extraction with sedation dentistry at our San Antonio office.

Your San Antonio Gentle Dental Solution for Wisdom Teeth Removal is Perry Dental Health

At Perry Dental Health in San Antonio, Texas, you will find our gentle dental approach and sedation dentistry procedures for wisdom tooth removal comforting. When you are dealing with severe wisdom tooth pain and looking for wisdom teeth pain relief methods, finding a gentle San Antonio dentist near you is important.

We encourage San Antonio residents to contact our local dentist office right away experiencing wisdom tooth pain so that our best tooth removal special can take great care of you. As one of the most trusted and best family dentistry offices in San Antonio, our top dentist, Dr. Perry, provides comfortable and thorough wisdom tooth removal for young adults and teens with compassionate care.

What are Wisdom Teeth and Why Do They Need to be Removed?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically come in your late teens/early twenties. If a wisdom tooth is blocked by other teeth, or unable to grow in a normal position, it becomes impacted. Many problems can occur when your impacted wisdom teeth are unable to grow the way they are supposed to. They can cause tremendous pain, become infected and even damage your existing teeth. Cases like this require early intervention by removing the impacted wisdom tooth (or teeth).

Wisdom Tooth Extraction & Sedation Dentistry at Our San Antonio Dentist Office

Our dental office in San Antonio specializes in sedation dentistry methods that make your wisdom tooth extraction a more comfortable experience. Depending on the complexity of the wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. Perry will use a local anesthesia to numb the area, or in special cases, IV conscious sedation. Sedation dentistry at our San Antonio dental office is safe, effective, and carefully administered by our certified professionals that we believe are one of the best experts in our area. Once the surgery begins, Dr. Perry will make an incision in the gums to expose the tooth and the bone. He will then remove any bone that blocks access to the tooth’s root, which will then allow him to remove the wisdom tooth, in its entirety. Once the tooth (or teeth) have been removed, Dr. Perry will stitch your gums closed and place gauze over the wound to help control the bleeding.

What is the Healing Process After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

After having a wisdom tooth removed in our San Antonio dentist office, the healing process begins. The healing process can vary from patient to patient. However, you are likely to experience bleeding, pain and swelling from surgery. It is recommended that you drink lots of water after surgery and rest immediately afterward. Strenuous activity can cause your gums to bleed excessively.

We advise our San Antonio tooth extraction patients to stay away from hot foods & beverages for at least 24 hours. Avoid foods that may get stuck in the socket where your teeth were. Also, do not smoke for at least 72 hours, as tobacco use can increase the risk of complications and also delay the healing process.

You should call Dr. Perry, your San Antonio dentist and top tooth extraction expert, immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Severe pain
  • If swelling becomes worse after a few days
  • Puss oozing from the socket

If You’re in San Antonio & Suffering Wisdom Tooth Pain, Perry Dental Health can Help

Wisdom tooth pain can be intense, but we are here to help. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common surgery and in the majority of cases, you will not experience any unusual symptoms or side effects from the procedure. Dr. Perry and the staff at Perry Dental Health in San Antonio are committed to providing quality care for every patient and will take the time to address all of your questions/concerns.

If you believe you may need your wisdom teeth removed, or would like to schedule an appointment for a routine exam, give Perry Dental Health a call today at (210) 377-3779.