TMJ Treatments

The Perry 3D Protocol Treats TMJ Pain and Headaches

Many people suffer from chronic headaches and TMJ/jaw pain. This pain can negatively impact your work, your family, and your overall quality of life. With that in mind, Dr. Perry developed the 3D Perry Protocol.


3D stands for the three phases of treatment: Discovery, Diagnostic, and Definitive

The 3D Perry Protocol is a process that explores the many dimensions of the condition in order to identify the causative agents, then address and treat them- with the ultimate goal of helping our patients alleviate their pain.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase Dr. Perry and the patient will begin a process of data gathering, utilizing a comprehensive approach to identifying the causative and compounding factors contributing to the patients’ pain. Dr. Perry looks at various aspects to discover the pain epicenter- from muscle and TMJ alignment, sleep habits, to tooth function, diet, and even sinus issues.

Dr. Perry has a trusted network of colleagues in the fields of nutrition, sinus health, neurology, sleep medicine, exercise physiology, and physical therapy to whom he refers his patients to for an evaluation if necessary.

While you undergo initial muscle rehabilitation in our office through modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage, and the utilization of various TMJ orthotic devices and/or Botox, we may refer you to his colleagues for treatment in their specialized fields.

Diagnostic Phase

If you have a bite imbalance issue, the bite study is one of the most critical elements of the Diagnostic Phase. This is a comprehensive evaluation of jaw function and can reveal if your teeth are interfering with proper jaw movement. During the Discovery and early Diagnostic Phases, we are relaxing and reprogramming your musculature to eliminate deleterious habits that have developed to compensate for the inefficiencies and imbalances in your bite.

Once these muscles cease to brace each other, Dr. Perry can determine if an underlying bite issue is causing your pain, or it can be ruled out and another condition may be diagnosed (ie: sinus condition, systemic inflammation caused by your diet, sleep apnea, etc.) and treated. Once we have made a true diagnosis of your condition, we can move on to the Definitive Therapy Phase.

Definitive Therapy Phase

The Definitive Therapy Phase includes taking what we learned in the Diagnostic Phase and using it to determine your next treatment steps. If an underlying bite dysfunction is causing your pain, Dr. Perry will develop a comprehensive dental rehabilitation plan to stabilize your bite that will allow you to chew efficiently without pain. Treatments can range from minor tooth modification to total rehabilitation of the dentition. The prescribed treatment will be based on your individual needs, and Dr. Perry is extremely conservative in his treatment and will do everything he can to help his patients feel better. There is no “cookie cutter” approach. Dr. Perry diagnoses and treats each patient as an individual. Each person has their own story and their own history. Finding the cause is the first step to recovery.

Why do I Experience Jaw Pain or Headaches?

  • Age and wear
  • Head, neck, or body trauma
  • Dental repair and orthodontics
  • Stress, diet, posture, and frequent computer use

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