Brighten Your Smile With Zoom! In-Office Whitening at Perry Dental Health

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your smile. Whitening will not change the color of existing fillings or crowns. Any replacement of crowns or fillings should be done after the whitening process to ensure a perfect match.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in San Antonio

The Zoom! whitening procedure is performed in our San Antonio dental office. During your appointment, a whitening gel will be applied to the surface of your teeth. The entire process generally takes about 90 minutes- and you will be able to see results immediately!

We also offer home whitening. This usually takes two visits. At the first visit, impressions/models will be made of your teeth to make custom fitting trays. At the second visit you will try on the trays to ensure proper fit and receive instructions on how to properly use your at home whitening. At home, you will then place a special whitening gel in each tray and wear the trays in your mouth for 30 minutes to an hour once per day. (Many patients wear their teeth whitening trays after dinner and before bed.) A significant change in tooth color is usually seen in just two weeks. It is normal to experience a little tooth sensitivity while bleaching, but these symptoms will go away after you stop bleaching.

What Causes Dull or Stained Teeth?

Teeth Whitening Perry Dental Health

Dull or stained teeth can be caused by many factors. Drinking beverages such as wine, coffee, and tea or eating an abundance of certain foods that cause staining like blueberries. It can also be caused by fluorosis (too much fluoride during tooth development), medications (tetracycline) and normal wear of the enamel or outer layer of the tooth. Touch-ups may be required every few years if you drink wine, coffee or smoke.
It is important to see your dentist regularly to help maintain your beautiful, healthy smile.
Occasionally, teeth may be stained in a way that limits the effectiveness of whitening gels. In those instances, porcelain laminate veneers or crowns are an excellent alternative.

Call the teeth whitening specialists at Perry Dental Health today, and learn which technique or combination of professional teeth whitening procedures would be best for you.




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