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Comprehensive & Conservative Dentistry in San Antonio

Since 2000, Perry Dental Health has proudly served the oral health needs of patients throughout the San Antonio area. At our practice, we are committed to serving patients of all ages and helping them achieve optimal oral health through personalized treatment plans. Our primary focus is to provide dental care for the improvement of your oral and overall health in a way that minimizes your need for future procedures.

We consider you a member of our dental family and look forward to creating relationships lasting for generations. A friendly, family-oriented environment allows everyone to feel comfortable and cared for, no matter what age. We are located in the La Cantera shopping center near Barnes and Noble and H&M and offer extended office hours for the convenience of busy professionals and families. Call us today to schedule your appointment!


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Finding the Cause with Thorough Examinations

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Nothing is better than the teeth you were born with, so we always start with the “why” of the situation. Our methodology ensures all your procedures are successful and long-lasting. We use conservative treatments to help you retain as much healthy dental structure as possible, reducing your risk of further problems and saving you time and money.

Our comprehensive services include:

The Connection Between Oral Health and Body Health

A beautiful smile begins with strong, healthy gums, which also protect your overall health. The mouth is the gateway into the body, and chronic gum disease can have adverse effects on your entire body. Many chronic disorders correlate to an increased risk of gum disease, and those with ongoing periodontal issues are more likely to have these same systemic illnesses. It’s not clear which one drives the other but maintaining your best oral health contributes a great deal to improved overall health.

At Perry Dental Health, we are your advocates against gum disease and the increased health risks that come with the disease. Through education, prevention, and corrective procedures like scaling and root planing, we can help you heal from gum disease and improve your overall health, thereby encouraging a better quality of life.

Your Source for High-Quality Dental Care in San Antonio

Our mission is to protect your oral health and your overall health by removing infection, preventing permanent damage, and restoring your smile. With all our procedures, we emphasize safety and cleanliness and deliver comfortable dental care in a pleasant environment, giving you the best opportunity to achieve lifelong oral health. Call us today and find out more!



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15900 La Cantera ParkwaySuite 26245San Antonio, Texas 78256

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