sedation dentistryFor patients that choose to be sedated, intravenous sedation or oral sedation is available at Perry Dental Health. Dr. Christopher Perry is one of the only general dentists within San Antonio able to offer this service to his patients. Sedation dentistry in San Antonio is not something that will work for everyone, but many patients are pleased to know that it is available to them if they feel they do need it. Whether you suffer from dental anxiety or have other reasons, we believe that being comfortable during your appointment is of the utmost importance and provide sedation as an option for those that may require it to help them relax during their visit.

Sedation Dentistry San Antonio Medication

For some, having dental work done can be overwhelming and this is where sedation dentistry in San Antonio can be useful. The types of sedation medication that we offer are safe and effective for patients that choose to be sedated. It is a good idea to talk with Dr. Christopher Perry to see if sedation dentistry may be helpful for you during your next dental appointment.

How Does Intravenous Sedation Work?

Intravenous sedation (or IV sedation) is one of the methods of sedation that we are able to offer at Perry Dental Health. Using this type of sedation, we are able to give our patients medication intravenously. This medication will help our patients to relax and stay calm during their treatment. This type of sedation dentistry in San Antonio is something that can be beneficial for a variety of patients with different needs. Dr. Perry is one of the few dentists in San Antonio with the extra training to offer IV sedation. This is his preferred method of sedation as he has more immediate control of the dosage of medication and can see the effects of incremental doses immediately as opposed to the alternative of oral sedation, which requires digestion first. While oral sedation can work wonderfully, it is, by nature, less predictable.

What is Oral Sedation and How Is It Different?

The other type of sedation that we are able to offer our patients is oral sedation. Oral sedation is a simple, safe, and effective way to comfort patients with dental anxiety or other concerns. With this option for sedation dentistry in San Antonio, patients are able to get the same type of drowsy and relaxed feeling they would with IV sedation, but don’t have to worry about needles. Many patients feel comfortable with this type of sedation because it is an oral medication.

Patients at Perry Dental Health

For a patient that chooses to have sedation during their appointment, it is likely that they may sleep during their treatment, but they will still be conscious. Many patients are happy to know that their vital signs are monitored while they are sedated. Due to the effects of sedation dentistry in San Antonio, we require that patients have a family member or friend bring them in for their appointment and take them home afterward. Sedation dentistry in San Antonio at Perry Dental Health can have benefits for patients that have anxiety, discomfort, or other trepidations that need to be addressed for the patient to have a positive experience.