We have found that many, many people suffer from headaches and have focused much of our practice on finding a way to help. Most headaches and migraines begin in the muscles and blood vessels associated with the head and neck. It is amazing how intertwined the function of the jaw joint (TMJ) and teeth are often misaligned, which leads to spasms of the muscles and headache issues.

In an effort to further help our patients, we have become the EXCLUSIVE office to offer TruDenta® therapy.

TruDenta® is a complete system of headache treatment that includes evaluation of the dental contributors to headache pain and involves treatment with cold laser therapy, electro-stimulation, and ultrasound.

The impact on our patients’ lives is phenomenal. Please call our office at 210-DrPerry (377-3779) for more information on the TruDenta® system and see if it’s right for you.