How Do I Treat My TMJ Pain, Jaw Pain and Headaches?

Headache Treatment San Antonio, TXChronic headaches and TMJ pain impact your life, work, and family.  Millions of Americans suffer from chronic headaches, so you’re not alone. While there is no magical or miraculous relief to those who suffer from chronic pain, we at Perry Dental Health have developed a new protocol. The Perry 3D Protocol utilizes traditional massage therapies and medical modalities such as ultrasound, cold laser therapy, and Electrical micro current Stimulation to help us identify the dental and functional components of the issue. We offer a relaxing TMJ headache treatment in San Antonio and rest assured our service is a comprehensive approach.

At Perry Dental Health you have an entire team of dedicated San Antonio dentists that can discover, diagnose and define your pain in order to plan a custom course of treatment. Part of our therapy involves our in-house massage therapist. Our in-house massage therapist can not only relieve physical body pain like your head or jaw pain, but also therapeutic massage such as deep tissue and Thai massage. With a mixture of relieving your jaw, head, and other body pain we hope to improve your overall physical wellness.

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