September 12, 2007

With the multitude of medications people take nowadays, a new “disease” has developed: dry mouth or xerostomia. Many of the drugs we take today, from blood pressure medications to anti-depressant medications decrease saliva production: the key element in the protection of oral health and teeth.

Most patients don’t realize that the dry mouth they feel during the day, and especially at night, is likely related to medication. Unfortunately, in an attempt to moisturize the mouth, patients often turn to mints, lozenges, or sodas; many of which contain sugar. Now, not only have we lost the protective properties of saliva, but we are bathing the teeth with a destructive product.

There are many things that can be done to improve this condition and protect oral health, from: special gums and mints that moisturize and protect to over-the-counter medications. Please contact your dentist or Dr. Perry and his team to consult on this very devastating, yet manageable, condition.